Preparing for Birth 

Properly preparing for birth will not only improve your birth experience but can also improve your long term health and reduce your chances of having a difficult postpartum recovery

In Labour

Through my 1:1 physiotherapy services, you can learn:

  • Evidence-based information about all aspects of labour and birth

    • To be better prepared for a variety of labour and birth scenarios

    • To make better and more informed decisions about your birth preferences 

    • To make better and more informed decisions throughout your labour and birth

  • How to prepare your mind and body for birth:

    • Mobility exercises and strategies to help position your baby for birth​

    • How to RELAX your pelvic floor for birth

    • Pernieal massage techniques 

    • Mindset strategies to calm your mind and body and have a more comfortable labour and birth

  • Relaxation and pain management strategies to make your birth as comfortable as possible

  • Labour and birth positions and strategies to assist your baby's movement through the different parts of your birth canal 

  • Strategies to progress labour and reduce your chances of requiring an epidural (if unwanted), forceps or vacuum assisted vaginal birth, and cesarian birth

  • Strategies to prevent tearing and other common postpartum conditions such as incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse (POP), and pelvic pain

  • Strategies if you have an epidural or are confined to a bed for medical reasons

Water Birth