I started my physiotherapy career in sports and orthopaedics where I worked with patients of all ages, abilities and fitness levels to improve pain, function and performance.


After having my first child, my passion for women’s and pelvic health physiotherapy was ignited.


I am particularly interested in helping patients optimize core function, as it is the foundation for all movement and is a key factor in many injuries and conditions.


Full Body,  Whole Person


Every person is unique and every injury and condition is different. Even the compensation strategies we use to achieve movement in the presence of pain or injury will vary from person to person and task to task. I believe in working with my patients to design treatment plans that are and tailored to their specific goals and realistic for their busy and ever-changing lives.

Patient Empowerment

Our bodies are evolving structures.  I enjoy helping people understand and connect with their bodies. I believe in providing people with the knowledge and tools to be active participants in rehabilitation and in the maintenance of long-term health. 

Full Body, Whole Person

Everything in our body is connected. Even seemingly simple injuries can have root causes and contributing factors distant to injured sites. Full body assessment and treatment is especially important for chronic pain and conditions. I believe in taking the time to assess the whole person to optimize recovery, prevent re-injury and promote long-term health and function. 

Women's Health

Women’s bodies undergo many changes during pregnancy and delivery. Although some women recover without intervention, many women end up with non-optimal postures, movement patterns and core recruitment strategies that can lead to conditions such as diastasic recti, incontinence and prolapse. I strongly believe that every mother, symptomatic or not, should be assessed, and treated as needed, by a women’s health physiotherapist to ensure both short and long-term health.