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Hi!  I’m Jenna, a mom of two and a perinatal and pelvic health physiotherapist.


I started my physiotherapy career in sports and orthopaedics where I worked with clients of all ages, abilities and fitness levels to improve pain, function and performance.

After experiencing pregnancy, birth and a complicated postpartum recovery, my passion for perinatal and pelvic health physiotherapy was ignited.

I am particularly enthusiastic about giving clients the tools to feel great during pregnancy, to be better prepared for birth, and to reconnect to their bodies and return to the activities they love, regardless of how long it has been since giving birth. 

I am also passionate about working with clients of all ages who are experiencing pelvic health and/or core related issues. Leaking may be common but it is not normal and can be treated.


Individualized, Client Centered Care

Every person is unique. What causes symptoms or a condition in one person can be very different than what causes the same symptoms or condition in another person. The way our bodies respond to pain and stress also differs as does the amount of time and energy each person has or is willing to dedicate to rehab. Each person also has their own individual rehab goals.


As your physiotherapist, my goal is to meet you where you are at and to work with you to design a treatment plan that is tailored to your body, your goals and that is realistic in your life.

Full Body, Whole Person

Everything in our body is connected. Even seemingly simple injuries and conditions can have root causes and contributing factors distant to injured sites. Our mental and emotional states as well as stress levels and the way our bodies respond to stress can also contribute to the symptoms we experience.  


I believe in taking the time to perform full body, whole person assessments in order to develop and deliver effective individualized treatment plans to optimize recovery, prevent re-injury and promote long-term health and function. 

Preventative Care For Long Term Health

Preventing injury or adverse health conditions can be much easier than treating injuries and conditions once they arise. I am very passionate about giving my clients the knowledge and skills to optimize their bodies and health both for the short and long term. 

Client Empowerment

Our bodies are evolving structures that, just like our cars and our houses, require care and maintenance to stay strong and healthy. I enjoy helping clients understand and connect with their bodies and giving them the knowledge and tools to be active participants in rehabilitation and in the maintenance of long-term health.

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